“The Mom Blog.”

We are creeping up on Faith being a year post-op for getting her MAGEC rods put in. That in and of itself feels a bit overwhelming for me, on one hand it feels like it was just yesterday, and on the other it feels like a lifetime ago. I shared a lot about her at… Continue reading “The Mom Blog.”


The “A” word.

Autism. For some, that word induces fear, denial, anger, hesitation, maybe even disgust. But not for me. For me, Autism is love, wonder, intelligence, quirkiness, and hope. Many people hear the word Autism, and think "Rain Man", Albert Einstein, or Temple Grandin. Others may think of the odd man down the street who fidgets a… Continue reading The “A” word.

And that was all just the beginning…

It's crazy to think it's already been a year since I got the news my daughter Faith would have to have surgery for her scoliosis. To see how far she has come and how much we have both changed during this journey boggles my mind. It was one of many curve-balls I had thrown my… Continue reading And that was all just the beginning…