Meet me in Montana

Have you ever been to a place that doesn’t simply get under your skin, it gets into your soul? A place that is physically painful to be away from? A place that is so beautiful it regularly takes your breath away? Have you ever taken a look around you and felt nothing but love for… Continue reading Meet me in Montana


No time like the present.

How often do you hear someone talking about an amazing experience they had, and sit there wishing it was you? How often do you tell yourself "maybe someday,” or that it’s “not the right time,” how about “I’m not ready?” Do you sit there and talk about things being on your bucket list... only to… Continue reading No time like the present.

Coffee, art and… dinosaurs?

Montana in the wintertime oftentimes gets a bit... well, painful, and depressing. Most of January was absolutely gorgeous! I'm talking 50 degrees and sunny! Which for those of us up north, is t-shirt weather. We got spoiled, and I think we thought that Mother Nature was going to give us a mild winter. We were… Continue reading Coffee, art and… dinosaurs?