Someone has to.

How much time and energy do we waste on things like judgement, gossip, and unnecessary drama? How about jealousy? Anger?

Probably a lot more than we care to admit. We push compassion to the side, share stories that are none of our business, stoop to someone else’s level instead of taking the high road, look at everything other people have instead of appreciating what is right in front of us, and are frequently upset about things outside of our control or that we have no real reason or right to be angry about.

Somehow, we, as a society, have the misconception that we have a right to an opinion about other people’s lives. Everyone from our neighbors to celebrities to complete strangers you walk past on the street is fair game… or so we believe.

We have it in our heads that if we hear a juicy story about someone, we need to tell our friends. It doesn’t matter who might get hurt in the process, and we don’t take them time to go to the person involved and ask them. We justify it by insisting that it came from someone we trust, or that they shouldn’t have done whatever it was in the first place if they didn’t want people to know about it.

We pick fights or make rude and snarky remarks, claiming that we are sticking up for ourselves or others. Instead of choosing to be the bigger person, we sink down and fling mud right back. We would rather act petty and childish than to take a step back and approach difficult situations like an adult.

We make jealousy a habit. Instead of being happy when something good happens for someone else, or being excited when they get something they want, we plaster on a fake smile to hide the green eyes of envy. We shove gratitude to the back burner, and focus on what we don’t have instead. Even going so far as to make them feel guilty for being happy, or buying something we don’t need or can’t afford just so we aren’t left out.

Anger, audacity, and offense are just accepted emotions. When honestly, more often than not, we are simply making excuses to be upset or treat others like dirt. We lack compassion for what others are going through and forget that their lives are their own. We believe we should have an opinion or a say in things that are none of our business, then get mad when those things don’t go our way.

I don’t care what you have been through, what you know, or what you believe. You are not entitled to judge others, treat people poorly, or to tell someone else how to live their lives. Period. We need to stop believing otherwise.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I am far from perfect. I try to be kind and accepting of everyone, but, alas, I am still human after all. I have no illusions of being a person of unsurpassable grace and compassion, in fact that’s probably a far cry from the truth. However, your experiences and knowledge don’t make you better than the next person, and they sure as hell don’t make your mistakes any less extraordinarily bad. That same person you are judging for a mistake or choice you wouldn’t make, might just think some of your choices and mistakes are pretty epically stupid too. Different doesn’t equal better or worse. It’s just that, different.

I may not be able to change the whole world, but I can change my corner of it. And maybe, just maybe I can inspire others to do the same. So, I am going to choose to be more compassionate, kind, loving, giving, thoughtful, and thankful. I am choosing to break the mold, to shatter the ideas society has on how we should act and treat others. I will stand up and be different, because someone has to. It is time to stop hiding behind all of the so called reasons, excuses, and justifications. It is time to start being better.

So today is the day where I take a stand, and say no more. No more judgement, no more gossip, no more drama, no more jealousy, and no more anger. I am choosing to be different. So I guess my question is, who’s with me?

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